Original mosaic sculptures by Stephanie Jaffe Werner

We are pleased to offer original mosaic sculptures by Stephanie Jaffe Werner.

Mosaic topiary sculpture is an eclectic name for an innovative cross-pollination of artistic mediums. A traditional topiary shape is embellished in handmade ceramic flowers embedded in the surface, resulting in a richly textured and colorful mosaic. The flowers are formed out of very durable ceramic stoneware and are glazed to be in the outdoors.

Ms. Jaffe Werner also utilizes a technique called “Pique Assiette” mosaics, which is a French term meaning “stolen from plates,” which uses recycled plates that are selected for their color and pattern.

Stephanie’s artworks are available in a range of sizes, and original commissioned pieces are welcome. Her work represents a colorful and innovative twist to what we offer here at the Audubon House Gallery!