The Princeton Audubon collection is unique in the world of Audubon art. It is a series of 36 direct- camera facsimile lithographs. The production of these prints began in 1985, using original Havell engravings. By utilizing a technique called “direct transfer,” Princeton publishers were able to create one of the finest and most accurate Audubon reproductions ever accomplished. The printer used up to eleven colors of specially designed inks on very heavy, acid free museum paper which was specially toned to match the average color of original Audubon / Havell copperplate engravings. Princeton Audubon prints are sized at 26¼ by 39¼ inches. Individually pencil numbered and embossed with the Princeton seal denoting authenticity, these outstanding prints are editions of 1,500 and 500.

Thirty-six prints were chosen, but only 34 of them are currently available:

Plate Number Image Name
2 Yellow-billed Cuckoo
5 Bonaparte Flycatcher
12 Baltimore Oriole
15 Blue Yellow-backed Warbler
17 Carolina Turtle Dove
26 Carolina Parrot
30 Vigors’s Warbler
32 Black-billed Cuckoo
33 American Goldfinch
47 Ruby-throated Hummingbird
53 Painted Bunting
56 Red-shouldered Hawk
73 Wood Thrush
78 Great Carolina Wren
83 House Wren
96 Columbia Jay
111 Pileated Woodpecker
121 Snowy Owl
123 Black & Yellow Warbler
137 Yellow-breasted Chat
139 Field Sparrow
177 White-headed Pigeon
186 Pinnated Grous
206 Summer or Wood Duck
232 Hooded Merganser
242 Snowy Heron
244 Common Gallinule
251 Brown Pelican
256 Purple Heron
307 Blue Crane
311 American White Pelican
317 Black or Surf Duck
328 Long-legged Avocet
367 Band-tailed Pigeon
425 Columbian Hummingbird
431 American Flamingo

Princeton also offers reproductions of a very limited number of the Audubon watercolors, used as studies to produce the original copperplates. Some of these contain Audubon’s handwritten instructions to the engravers. These prints measure 16 by 24 inches.

Those prints of watercolors are:

Image Name
Bachman’s Warbler
Common Tern
Great Grey Owl
Passenger Pigeon
Snowy Owl
Trumpeter Swan

Images may be viewed in the Princeton Gallery.