Audubon House Gallery

Experienced & Reputable

The Audubon House Gallery is among the most experienced and reputable Audubon art dealers in the world. We are a small gallery located in Key West, Florida. The gallery operates in conjunction with the Audubon House and Tropical Gardens historic house museum. John James Audubon visited Key West in the 1830’s and painted several birds while he was in the area. The historic house and garden commemorate his visit to the island.

We carry the entire Royal Octavo Edition, original hand colored lithographs from the 1840’s through the 1870’s. They are beautiful miniatures that followed Audubon’s great Work, the “Double Elephant Folio.” We also have a selection of original 1826-1838 Double Elephant Havell engravings and 1858-1860 Bien Edition chromolithographs.

In addition to our original antique Audubon offerings, we also offer fine, modern, limited editions of John James Audubon’s work. We are proud to be authorized dealers of the following:


Princeton Edition


Abbeville Edition


Heritage Edition

We also have a wonderful selection of antique hand colored botanical prints, nautical charts, maritime history prints, and maps of the West Indies and Caribbean.

Our facility includes an archival frame shop, and we offer museum quality framing. Our framing will protect your artwork treasures. We also ship all over the world.

To contact the Gallery Manager, please call 305-294-2116.

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