If you look at the left part of the window, you can see an image….


Watch Video - First Hair Flip

An IT specialist has confirmed that this picture is NOT doctored. Photograph taken by Paul Manner.

Watch Video - Second Hair Flip

Meet Our Ghosts

The Audubon House has been certified as “Haunted” with ghosts by numerous paranormal societies, including Messengers Paranormal and CRIPT Seekers. The Geiger family, who built the home in 1846, lived here for 4 generations, over 108 years. After so many years of family events; marriages, births, and deaths, the home is reported to still have many of its previous occupants! William Bradford Smith, the last decendent to live in the home, was known as a recluse, living in the home alone for over 25 years. It has been said that he is still here on the property, the place where he lived his entire life. Many feel his presence on the 3rd floor of the house. According to the paranormal investigations, Willie is not the only remaining resident. Young children’s voices and laughter have been captured by EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), sightings of a young girl on the 3rd floor, and the occasional tap or tug by Charles, the Geiger’s youngest child, all under the watchful eye of Captain Geiger and his wife Lucretia!

We have pictures taken by people passing the home at night, which appear to show our occupants enjoying an evening on the porch! Let us know if you have any experiences in the home, or photographs you would like to share.

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